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The Anti-Aging Stem Cell Serum That Everyone Is Talking About

Treat your skin to the Seeds of Youth – Ogee’s powerful anti-aging serum that instantly hydrates, boosts radiance and firms the skin's surface. This serum is proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 22 days when used twice daily. Wash away visible signs of aging with this highly effective organic plant stem cell serum.

I have used many serums over the years and this one is a keeper. I love the organic ingredients - it doesn’t irritate my skin and reduces the look of my fine wrinkles.”

- Susan B. 


This high-performance organic formula combines Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, and other natural botanicals with cold-pressed Jojoba Oil to naturally reverse the aging process.  

The Seeds of Youth Serum will turn back time on wrinkles by preserving collagen and preventing the presence of enzymes that stop the skin from looking younger. 

Is it effective?

Thanks to special, natural harvest and extraction technology, Ogee’s Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells are standardized and rigorously tested to contain the same natural protective substances essential for the plant's survival at high altitude on mountains.

Edelweiss Flower is an herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family and it grows wild on mountain ranges from the Pyrenees, the Alps to the Himalayas. It is a very rare and strictly protected plant and with its characteristic appearance it has become the symbol of Alpine flora, often called the queen of the mountain. 

“This product lives up to its name. I have been using this Serum for a few weeks and already am seeing a difference.” -Romona B.


How does it work?

The Seeds of YouthSerum contains Aloe Leaf gel and Hyaluronic Acid that binds moisture within the skin and helps form a barrier that will keep it locked-in, while Organic Jojoba Oil ensures a balance of moisture over time.  

Women who tested Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells said that their:

  Skin luminosity increased by 325%

 Skin hydration increased by 157%

 Skin firmness increased by 150%

 Skin smoothness increased by 111%

The Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells have been clinically proven to increase luminosity in the skin by 325% after 40 days when used twice daily.The Seeds of Youth Serum significantly reduces the look of wrinkle intensity and shows visible improvement in skin firmness and luminosity.

After 22 days of use, crow’s feet wrinkle depth appearance was visibly reduced up to 36%.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Prep Skin

Apply to skin following Gentle Glow Cleansing Cloths – pump one to two drops. Use it twice a day.

Step 2: Apply to Face

Apply evenly, all over, from the center out. Stimulate absorption and collagen production by gently tapping around the first signs of wrinkles, focusing on the forehead, under-eye and around your smile.

Step 3: Apply to Neck & Décolletage

Apply to décolletage and neck, beginning at collarbone and sweeping in upward massaging strokes. Enjoy instantly hydrated, firm skin and follow with Jojoba Glow Face Oil for an extra boost of moisture.

Get The Benefits of Ogee's Luxury Organic Seeds of Youth Serum

  1. Instantly Hydrates with Aloe Leaf Gel and Hyaluronic Acid and the Jojoba Oil ensures balance of moisture over time.
  2. Boosts Radiance with Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells by 325% after 40 days, when used twice daily.
  3. Replenishes and and firms the skin and naturally stops the aging process and turns back time on wrinkles.

Glowing Reviews for Ogee's Seeds of Youth Serum!

The Seeds of Youth Serum has been tested and very much approved. Leore Hayon, respected beauty blogger and founder of The Girl Habit says, “Seeds of Youth Serum makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see it placed on the bathroom countertop. The results and ingredients thankfully have my skin looking as pretty too.” Pretty and plump skin in just 22 days with regular use of Ogee's Plant Stem Cell Serum.

Vogue Magazine, named Seeds of Youth Serum one of the 7 Serums That Will Prevent Dry Skin. The article states, "the best part is that you can use it under, over, or in between layers of makeup, anytime you need a little extra hydration." Beauty insiders everywhere agree that Ogee's Seeds of Youth Serum is the best defense against fine line and wrinkles.

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I know how challenging this week has been for everyone. Adjusting to the new normal, accepting those concerts and weddings and events are all being cancelled and the uncertainty that circles around that. Having stressful financial decisions to make, and difficult conversations ensuing. I’ve been working from home for awhile and while that isn’t my biggest hurdle, the lack of sociableness has been hard. In order to keep myself from going absolutely stir-crazy I’ve been in Sagittarius hyper mode and being insanely productive. Learning new skills, working on courses and projects that had previously fallen out of focus, but most importantly coming up with a routine that works for me. That delineates each day and gives structure to my socially distanced new life. And while I used to find a lot of purpose through my clothes each day, that has become a bit more challenging because I just don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to see my outfits. So I’ve been pivoting to find a new self care outlet and skin care has been high on the list. This past week I’ve transitioned to adding @ogee dynamic duo. It consists of their seeds of youth serum and jojoba glow face oil. Swipe to see the major glow I had after using these products. Self care, self kindness is just as crucial as your other preparations. Because if you feel good, and take care of yourself, I genuinely believe you can handle anything that comes your way. Also they are a clean beauty company and that gets major bonus points #skincare #ogee #beyondcleanbeauty #gloworganic #gifted #ad

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Prime, Layer & Contour

A powerful anti-aging serum that instantly hydrates, boosts radiance and firms skin as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles in 22 days. This high-performance organic formula combines 1% Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid and other natural botanicals with cold-pressed Jojoba Oil to reverse the aging process.