What Is a Face Mist? 5 Reasons Why Your Skin Will Love It

What Is a Face Mist? 5 Reasons Why Your Skin Will Love It

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using A Face Mist

Meet our Luminous Botanical Face Mist: the ultimate multi-use treatment with an abundance of beauty and skin-enhancing benefits. This refreshing yet moisturizing mist will dramatically improve the skin's complexion, protect against skin stressors, and doubles as a makeup setting spray.

For best results, apply morning and night, pre-and-post makeup application to nourish the skin, control oil production, and enhance the effects of additional treatments. Indulge in a spritz throughout the day to boost hydration as needed.

1. Instantly Hydrates

Formulated with a base of organic Aloe-Leaf Juice and Sugar Beet Extract to quench parched skin and maintain optimal moisturization.


2. Enhances Treatments

Apply our Face Mist AM & PM in between cleansing and serum application. A simple spritz effectively seals in moisture, creating a hydrated base to enhance the effects of treatments for plumper, dewier skin.


3. Controls Oil Levels

Infused with naturally-derived Witch Hazel that balances natural facial oil production, protects against environmental pollutants and improves the skin's texture.


4. Sets Makeup

Extends makeup wear-time and prevents excess oil production which causes makeup to fade or crease.


5. Boosts Skin Clarity

The signature botanical blend is infused with Rose and Chamomile Extracts, known to brighten and boost skin clarity and reduce inflammation over time.

Is a Face Mist Right for Me?

Yes! Its unique oil-controlling and hydrating properties make our Luminous Botanical Face Mist suitable for all skin types, including dry, acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin.

Added bonus: The gentle floral scent provides an instant mood-boosting aroma for spa-like relaxation and self-care.