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The Best Face Oil for Every Single Skin Type

Jojoba Oil:  Not only is jojoba an incredibly lightweight and breathable oil (making it great for combination skin that still needs some moisture), but, because jojoba actually breaks down and dissolves sebum, it'll also help control your shine.

Of all the Makeup Products We Tried This Month, These Were by Far the Best

"Ogee's original Sculpted Lip Oil melts on contact and seeps deeply into the skin for maximum hydration, which is honestly what I expected of the brand's new Tinted Lip Oils. But instead, they feel more like a matte lip crayon, which I actually appreciate more from a tinted lip product. If it were too oily, it'd wear off right away, so I really appreciate the staying power of the gorgeous flower-inspired shades."

The Weekly Covet

"I'm not a lipstick girl but I've been wearing this Tinted Lip Oil almost every single day. Unlike other products that can cause your lips to instantly dry up, this one is so hydrating, making it the perfect year-round staple."

Best Organic Makeup 2018

I had the pleasure of testing out the entire line of Ogee’s Sculpted Lip Oils. If you’ve never heard of Ogee, they offer luxury, organic products. When beginning to formulate their line, Ogee searched for formulas that showed improved results for women’s skin.

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Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oil ($22 at The triple threat every mom needs in her purse.