Meet Our Luminous Botanical Face Mist

Mist imperfections goodbye with our Luminous Botanical Face Mist, an essential step to balance oil production and improve the appearance of blemishes. This moisturizing mist contains gentle astringent properties to simultaneously hydrate and tone the skin.

A spritz of our Luminous Botanical Face Mist will keep you looking and feeling fresh all summer long.

How to Use:

1. Hydrating Treatment Essence

Apply a spritz AM & PM directly onto freshly cleansed skin to prep for additional treatments and to create a smooth canvas for makeup.

Pro Tip: Wake up the skin with our Face Mist after your morning shower to quench dryness and relieve tight-feeling skin.

Next, follow with the Seeds of Youth Serum and Jojoba Glow Face Oil to complete your skin ritual.

2. Makeup Setting Spray

In addition to its skin-enhancing benefits, the Luminous Botanical Face Mist doubles as a makeup setting spray. Spray throughly on the skin after makeup application to increase wear-time and keep oil levels at bay.

3. Mid-Day Refresher

Indulge in a spritz of the Face Mist throughout the day for an instant hydration boost and refreshing pick-me-up. Plus, the gentle rose scent provides a soothing mood-boosting aroma.

High-Performance Ingredients:

+ Sugar Beet Extract

This gentle hydrator protects against environmental pollutants and helps skin adapt to moisture losses and gains, overall balancing skin suppleness.

+ Meadowsweet Flower

An active moisturizer and skin barrier enhancer with anti-inflammatory benefits.


+ Hawthorne Rose Bioflavonoids

A gentle replacement to retinol-like activity to provide even, youthful-looking skin by selectively inhibiting the acne bacteria to stop inflammation, while balancing sebum production.

+ Schizandra Berry

This antioxidant-rich fruit helps maintain vitality, elasticity, and prevent wrinkles.

+ Madagascar Butterfly Ginger

This detoxifying multi-protector shields skin from blue light, UV and pollution, leading to skin that appears brighter and more luminous.

+ Witch Hazel

Naturally-derived, removes and controls excessive oil production, soothes skin irritation and blemishes, and tones and tightens pores.


Botanical Benefits:

1. Instantly Hydrates

Formulated with a base of organic Aloe-Leaf Juice and infused with Sugar Beet Extract and Meadowsweet Flower to quench parched skin and maintain optimal moisturization.

2. Enhances Treatments

Apply our Face Mist AM & PM in between cleansing and serum application. A simple spritz effectively seals in moisture, creating a hydrated base to enhance the effects of treatments for plumper, dewier skin.

3. Controls Oil Levels

Infused with naturally-derived Witch Hazel that balances natural facial oil production, protects against environmental pollutants and improves the skin's texture.

4. Sets Makeup

Extends makeup wear-time and prevents excess oil production which causes makeup to fade or crease.

5. Boosts Skin Clarity

The signature botanical blend is infused with Rose and Chamomile Extracts, known to brighten and boost skin clarity and reduce inflammation over time.