Self-Care Sunday: Joie Lee

Self-Care Sunday: Joie Lee

Take on the season of self-care with October's #BeyondCleanBeauty Joie!

A celebrity trainer, certified yogi, and mother of two, Joie was raised on the beautiful island of Maui where she began training in Kundalini Yoga and dance at an early age. Now a celebrity trainer and NASM Certified Group Instructor, Joie draws on her spiritual upbringing to empower her clients to become deeply mindful of their bodies and how they relate to the world.

Read our full interview with Joie where she shares what a typical self-care day looks like, plus the Ogee products that helped balance her oily skin and completely transformed her complexion.

1. What does a typical self-care day look like for you?

The early morning hours are usually the only time I have to myself. I'm a working mom of two lovely boys so at 7:30 AM it's off to the races. I wake up around 5 AM and start my day with dry brushing and a cold shower. If there was only one self-care thing I could do, it would be a cold shower. It's magical!

Then I do my yoga and meditation practice. The moments right before the sun rises, when the sky is turning from black to blue, is my favorite time of day. If I can meditate at that time, the whole day goes better. It's like charging your batteries.

2. Which Ogee products are essential in your self-care routine?

I don't feel complete without my Luminous Botanical Face Mist and Jojoba Glow Face Oil. You know that feeling when you leave the house and you know you've forgotten something important?! That's how I feel without it.

I learned late in my skincare education that what my skin actually needed was more moisture. I spent so long stripping and stripping my oils because I thought my skin was too oily. That just caused more problems because the opposite was true, I actually have dry skin that needs hydration. My Ogee products keep my skin deeply nourished and that has made all the difference.  

3. What are you most looking forward to this fall?

I'm excited to get back into a routine with my personal training and online fitness clients. I had my second baby in the spring, and summer was largely spent adjusting to a new normal as a family of four. I decided to take my time getting back into my client schedule but now I'm gearing up for some big adventures.

I'm launching my first online membership program and I'm so excited to start building a community of like-minded people who are looking for a deeper and more spiritual meaning for their workout. It's an exciting time because I know that major growth is on the horizon, and I feel so open and grateful to see what will happen next.

4. Which new self-care rituals do you add to your routine as the weather gets cooler?

Fall/winter is known as the "vata" season. The vata energy is the energy of movement, wind, air, and space. The weather cools, the air gets dry, the leaves fall, and the human body prepares for longer nights and shorter days.

In Ayurvedic philosophy, you change your diet to balance the predominant energy of the season. You can start to incorporate more warming and moisturizing foods like pumpkin and squash, warm soups, and kitcharie (mung beans and rice). It is both complex and very simple because essentially you are harmonizing your lifestyle with the flow of nature.

I truly love the subtlety of this time of year. It's the perfect time to go within, with deep meditation and experience a deeper sense of ourselves.

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