Celebrate Self-Care Sunday with April's #BeyondCleanBeauty Julie!

Julie is a content marketing strategist, photographer, and lifestyle blogger based in Portland, Maine. A vintage and secondhand fashion fanatic, Julie is passionate about all things personal style and DIY, especially when it comes to thrift shopping!

When she's not working, you can find Julie outdoors with her husband and her friends, hiking, paddleboarding, surfing, snowboarding... (basically if it's something outdoorsy, she's there!) At the end of the day, she likes snuggling up with her two cats and a good book.

Read our full interview with Julie where she shares how to prep for a successful week, her favorite Ogee products for the warmer weather, and her advice for living more sustainably.

1. What are the self-care rituals you make time for every Sunday?

I get up early every day – but especially on Sundays, when I can (usually) catch On Being with Krista Tippett and Living On Earth on Public Radio. There’s something special about sipping my coffee and listening to these programs while I get the day started. My husband sleeps later than me, so this time is just for me... and my cats. They’re always super playful after they have their breakfast, so I try to get some quality time in before they nap for the next 16 hours.

I try to make time for some kind of exercise on the weekends, too – sometimes it’s a hike or a beach walk, sometimes it’s a run, but I like kicking off the week this way. It gives me time to think and mentally prepare for the week ahead, and I’ve found that if I work out on weekends, I’ll be more apt to keep it up for the rest of the week.

Sometimes self-care is just setting yourself up for success in other areas – doing the laundry so you have clean clothes, tidying your work space so you can focus, doing a little meal-prep so you don’t have to think of it as much during the week, paying the bills… not exactly thrilling but necessary – and you’re rewarded afterwards with a little more calm in your life.

2. Which Ogee products do you incorporate into your self-care routine?

I love the Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil - what a game-changer! It’s so hydrating, and it does an incredible job at removing eye makeup. I’ve been wearing liquid liner for… well, an incredibly long time, and this removes it like a breeze – even waterproof mascara and liner don’t stand a chance! I use it as part of a double-cleansing routine and my skin has never looked better.

I also can’t get enough of the CBD Sculpted Lip Oil. I keep them everywhere – on my desk, on my bedside table, in my car – it’s incredible, it just hydrates so well. And I love the Sculpted Face Sticks for a little glow, especially during the warmer months when my skin has a bit of a tan and I wear less makeup overall.

Julie applies the Sculpted Face Stick in Carnelian.

3. In honor of Earth Month, what are your tips for living more sustainably?

Start small and start where you can. Living more sustainably doesn’t have to happen all at once - start where it’s easiest for you – like when you run out of products. Instead of re-purchasing the same old home essentials as you run out, see if you have a package-free store where you can refill your soaps and pick up sustainable versions of things like sponges and paper towels.

If you use cotton rounds to remove your makeup or apply toner, when you run out, buy a set of reusable bamboo rounds. One of my favorite sustainable swaps has been a set of mesh produce bags to curb my use of plastic produce bags at the grocery store.

Little things add up over time – it’s not about being perfect or making a huge investment all at once, it’s about doing what you can where you can.

4. What is your favorite part of the spring and the warmer weather?

Spring in Maine – especially this year – is a huge sigh of relief after a long, cold winter. I run year-round, but my running routine always becomes a little more joyful as the weather warms because it gives me a chance to observe the season coming into bloom.

Every day brings a new surprise – buds turn into flowers, maple tree blossoms slowly turn to leaves, the pond in the park near my apartment goes from iced-over to filled with happy ducks - and then later in May the best of all: ducklings! And farmers’ markets! But it’s currently April 16th and snowing… so we have a little time until spring really feels sprung.

As for warm weather, I live for Maine summers – they call it Vacationland for a reason. I spend as much of my time outside as possible when the weather is nice. I’m looking forward to paddleboarding, surfing, and trail running again, and getting out to the islands off the coast. Basically soaking it all in – summer is my favorite and I can’t wait for it to get here.

Julie applies the Tinted Lip Oil in Gardenia.

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