Self-Care Sunday: Anna Valencia

Self-Care Sunday: Anna Valencia

Welcome to our new Self-Care Sunday Series! Every month, we'll share exclusive interviews with our Beyond Clean Beauties on their self-care rituals, go-to Ogee products, and top tips for living an organic lifestyle.

We're kicking things off with Kelley Wolf, a Certified Life and Personal Development Coach, speaker, and writer. Kelley is the founder of the FLOW method: Finding Love Over Worry. She currently lives in Vancouver with her husband Scott and their 3 kids.

We caught up with Kelley about her all-time favorite Ogee products, her intentions for 2021, and the daily rituals that have changed her life.

1. What are the self-care rituals you practice every Sunday?

"In my coaching practice, I teach about the 3 M’s. Munch, Move and Meditate. Any day I do the 3 M’s, I am able to handle most of what the world throws my way. It is a life changer!"

2. Which Ogee products do you incorporate into your self-care routine?

"Every Sunday, sweatpants or stilettos, I use my Ogee Sculpted Face Sticks, especially Carnelian. It is amazing how the color can change my mood!"

3. Are there any new self-care habits you're looking to add in 2021?

"My intention for 2021 (I do intentions instead of resolutions) was to appreciate and cultivate time. When I use my time well, I am able to create daily self-care habits that stick."


"Getting up early and walking outside will continue to be the most game changing thing I do in my life. It fills my cup and it makes me feel present and grateful."

Stay connected with our Beyond Clean Beauty Kelley on Instagram @kelleywolf for motivational exercises, cooking, nature walks, and family content. Also, check out the FLOW website.