How To: Maximize Your Makeup

How To: Maximize Your Makeup

The key to flawless makeup application? Start with our Certified Organic skincare ritual, designed to smooth imperfections and lock in color for an all-day glow.

Unlike other face primers and makeup setting sprays, our products are 100% natural and Certified Organic, so you never have to compromise your skin health for a long-lasting makeup look.

1. Prep

Our youth-boosting serum naturally firms the delicate skin around the eyes, smile, and forehead to help prevent foundation from creasing or settling into pores.

2. Prime

Our silicone-free, organic face primer blurs the look of fine lines, creating a smooth and supple surface to seamlessly blend our Sculpted Face Sticks.

Tip: mix a few drops of Jojoba Face Oil into your foundation for a dewy glow.

3. Set

Our botanically-infused makeup setting spray extends makeup wear-time and keeps excess oils at bay.


"I love it! I use it every morning after my shower and before applying my makeup."

- Diane M.


"It makes my skin feel so nice, plus it helps my makeup go on smoother!"

- Erin P.


"It sets your organic Ogee makeup so naturally and it gives you a youthful glow!"

- Shannon B.


All of our skincare is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to treat and enhance the skin, perfect for paring with our certified organic makeup.

Flawless makeup starts with smooth and radiant skin. Invest in our organic, skin-enhancing products to achieve a golden Ogee glow, inside and out.