Five Tips to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Five Tips to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

Between all the hectic activities that encompass our lives, finding some well-deserved ‘me’ time seems to be getting harder and harder. We know how important this time is and how hard it is to find – so we are here to help. 

Be Productive

The best way to create free time in our schedules is by being more productive in our other tasks, so go with a purpose. Don’t wander around the grocery store looking for dinner inspirations, go in with a pre-made list and you’ll cut your shopping time in half.

Be Organized

How do you stay on top of everything that must get done? This includes dropping the kids off at school, preparing for that big meeting, or picking up the dry cleaning. The key is to be organized. Buy a calendar or download an app (we love WunderList), in order to know what activities are coming your way. This acts as the perfect guide, and it will help you feel more settled.

Schedule in Advance

Schedule some well-deserved ‘me’ time, ahead of time. Mark off an hour in your calendar a week or two in advance and start brainstorming some relaxation ideas. By scheduling this time, we can better be prepared and get the most from our alone time. 

Saying no is OK

Lastly, don’t be afraid to turn down other plans. ‘Me’ time is important, so don’t feel guilty about taking a much-deserved break. Letting our bodies recharge is important, and can even help you feel more present during other social outings.

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Finding time is the first step, but what do you do when the dust settles, the sounds of kids dwindle, and the craziness of work fades away? There are a few easy activities to practice in order to get the most from our quiet time.


‘But first, Coffee’, an unavoidable phrase found on the cover of notebooks, to-go mugs, t-shirts and pillows. But what follows? Grab your morning coffee, and head to a comfortable spot in your home; a rocking chair on the porch, a large pillow, or a soft rug. Set an alarm for thirty minutes and focus on your breathing, you won’t regret the wonders morning meditation will provide you all day long.


Sitting in the office all day getting you down? Send that last email, put your phone down, and walk out the door. Take a few minutes to get your body moving, and get lost outside. Take a stroll down a new path and let your mind run freely. A change of scenery is exactly what your brain needs midday to wake up your creativity.

Looking for another afternoon activity? Go to the spa and treat. your. self. to a special service, even if it’s a 15-minute hand massage – you’ll feel great. You can also create your own spa day in the comfort of your own home by treating your face to an oil cleanse followed by a rehydrating serum and face oil if you're looking for an extra layer of moisture.


We love our pets for so many reasons. Did you know that spending time playing with furry friends is believed to help improve mood? Curl up and enjoy the unconditional love and joy from four-legged friends.

What about some real alone time? Grab essential oils, candles, and enjoy a bubble bath. The warm water relaxes tense muscles, and the soothing scents calm the mind.

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