Guide to Preserving Summer

Woman lounging by a pool, relaxing summer scene

Although it is officially the coveted season of leaf-peeping and chai lattes, we still like to reminisce on our whimsical summer.

Glass house with tall windows overlooking a pool party

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A couple months ago, we attended a weekend fitness extravaganza with some iconic people in the fashion and skincare industries. We were blessed to be surrounded by some of the very people that inspire our work, like Quincy Davis (@quincydavis), who is a world-renowned surfer full of young, bohemian energy with a love of fashion and design. Her life teaches us that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. Because of her love for nature, she appreciated our efforts to produce products without toxic chemicals that seep into your body.

Our host  Jenne Lombardo (@jennelombardo) and Zanna Rassi (@zannarassi) and — two of Milk Makeup’s founders — were also in attendance. It was delightful to see another company that shares our passion for creating green, yet effective skincare products, because what’s the point in stopping the green routine at your makeup. We bonded with these beauties over yoga and and fitness classes conducted by the wonderful, Tracy Anderson (@tracyandersonmethod) who showed us no mercy in the summer heat. Although, Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) — Danish model for Billabong, and Victoria’s Secret) — showed us up in the exercise department, we were still inspired by her persistence and zest for physical activity. We loved being surrounded by people who share our passion for finding the good in a green routine.

This blissful weekend taught us how to take care of our bodies...something we are still challenging ourselves to remember. It’s all too often we find ourselves wrapped up in work, cooking, cleaning, or carting the kids to soccer practice and violin lessons that we forget to save some time for ourselves. Often, we only realize how important this little sanctuary is until it’s too late, and we hit a wall. Some days it’s especially hard to justify running, over sleeping in, or trading in the donut for barre class, but these choices alone exhibit strength and empowerment that lead to more choices in the interest of our well-being.

Our weekend in East Hampton was so gratifying, we left thinking it was the pinnacle of our Summer plans. However, our summer fun didn’t stop there...even as the chilly fall months approach, we are still practicing our yoga poses and indulging in freshly-made juices and organic produce.

Fleeting are the days of sunbathing and berry picking; however, we are still maximizing the aftertaste of summer. Before we break out the boxes of bulky knit sweaters and leather booties (okay...maybe some of us are looking forward to this), we can still soak up these last few rays and enjoy the light breeze before it’s speckled with snow. So, we thought we’d share some of our favorite moments from the party to inspire you to treat yourself and your gal pals.  

1. Pool Time – It’s so easy to take for granted moments by the pool that we sometimes forget they are only a temporary aspect of our day-to-day lives. Before it closes for the year, take time to enjoy a sparkling refreshment and enjoy the solitude.

woman soaking up the sun while relaxing by a pool

© Sydney Reising

2. Work it Out – It’s easy to make excuses (we’ve all done it), but the guilt of putting off exercise hurts much more than the actual movement. Even though we hate to admit it, the feeling after a good workout is almost un-parallelled.

Fit, fun people engaging in an exercise class

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3. Yoga – At Ogee, we celebrate the broadest definition of yoga...whether it’s Peacock Pose, or lying on the kitchen floor after a long day. One thing we know for sure: yoga is the best medicine for many ailments.

Woman laying on the ground, practicing yoga and relaxing

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4. Get a Massage – In our busy routines, sometimes we forget that taking care of ourselves should be a priority, too. It’s not a crime to spend a little money on ourselves every once-in-awhile (your body will thank you).

Massage table in a serene room

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5. And lastly, smile! It’s all too often we get caught up in the monotony of our everyday lives that we forget to outwardly show appreciation for what we have. Smiling is contagious and spreads joy to others who may need it more than us. It’s is a universal language, and there’s no harm in brightening someone’s day just by flashing your pearly whites.

Smiling blonde woman in a house with tall windows

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