How to Supercharge Zodiac Powers with Crystals and Essential Oils

Sparkly amethyst crystal

Crazy for Crystals

Crystal healing, or “woo woo” wellness, has been growing over the past few years. We can’t seem to avoid beautiful crystals in popular jewelry and home collections. Plus, if celebrities like Adele, Victoria Beckham, and Justin Bieber love the healing power of crystals, we are too!

Crystal collector, and creator of Grateful Gemhead, Maria McCabe focuses on crystal pairing according to your astrological sign. McCabe explains how “Every crystal has different properties and different ways that it can heal.” Crystals have been known to help with issues such as stress, fatigue, insomnia, back pain and Jet lag – just to name a few. What makes this different from your birthstone? These crystal pairings are like birthstones – except super charged.

Why Essential Oils?

Reading a horoscope, it’s easy to see ourselves within the descriptive message. We can easily point out similar characteristics like being a thrill-seeker or highly friend-oriented. These are personality traits, and they have a lot of influence on the person we become. Aromatherapy is known to enhance our natural energy and allows us to focus on shining light on our positive personality traits. It even has the power to enhance the not so favorable ones. Harness the power of essential oils to strengthen desirable qualities with these essential oil pairings.

Aquarius zodiac sign

January 20th – February 18th

Essential Oil: Cypress

Known to be deep thinkers and highly intellectual people, Aquarians need time to restore. Looking at the world through a lens of endless possibilities is exhausting. Use cypress oil to help stimulate blood flow and provide a much-needed rest.

Crystal: Garnet

Used to stimulate the active minds of an Aquarius, McCabe explains that, “Garnet is very energizing. It stimulates creative energy, it opens up the heart.”

Pisces zodiac sign

February 19th – March 20th

Essential Oil: Citrus

Highly valuing relationships, Pisceans are characterized by empathy with high levels of emotional capacity. Pisces is a water sign, meaning individuals are intuitive and experience emotions more intensely. Use any type of citrus oil such as lemon or orange to provide an emotional detox of the body, allowing past experiences to be rinsed away.

Crystal: Amethyst

Being constantly surrounded by friends and family, Pisces is “very sensitive to different energies – as well as their friends’ feelings – so amethyst is a good protection stone.” McCabe explains, “It’s good at channeling out negative energy and encouraging positivity.”

Aries zodiac sign

March 21st – April 19th

Essential Oil: Lavender

The first zodiac sign, Aries are natural born leaders. Known to be one of the most active signs, they chase passions and are continuously looking for new adventures. Crucial to Aries success, infuse lavender oil into your life to help reduce anxiety, emotional stress, and improve your sleep.

Crystal: Bloodstone

Being an active thinker, Aries experience a restless mind. McCabe explains how “Bloodstone is the perfect balance to calm your mind, revitalize it, give it a break. It’s also a protective stone. Usually it’s a very small stone, so stick it in your pocket; you’re good to go.” 

Taurus zodiac sign

April 20th – May 20th

Essential Oil: Oregano

Born with the Sun, Taurus’ value hard work. They are considered strong, stable and conservative beings. How do you keep your body running at its healthiest? Oregano oil is considered one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics. Mix some oregano oil into a class of water and you’ll benefit from Earth’s natural antibiotic.

Crystal: Rose Quartz

A symbol of love for yourself, friends and family, the Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to provide a much-needed balance. McCabe explains “They can be stubborn at times, [but they’re] also very responsible people [who aren’t] afraid to get their hands dirty.” McCabe continues saying “Rose quartz provides a nice balance to that tough exterior.”

Gemini zodiac sign

May 21st – June 20th

Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

This air sign has a strong hold on the pulmonary system. This system is in charge of suppling oxygen to the whole body. Juggling both sides of any situation, it’s easy to get lagged down by negativity causing some serious oxygen full-body disconnect. The whole body needs to be cleansed of respiratory congestion. Use eucalyptus oil as a reset button, and get ready to breathe easy.

Crystal: Tiger eye

Geminis are known to display two different personas. They are very adaptable and exude movement. McCabe says, “Tiger eye is a very grounding stone”, McCabe says. “It’s good for facilitating manifestation and working through any mental conflict [they] might be having.”

Cancer zodiac sign

June 21st – July 22nd

Essential Oil: Peppermint

Being a water sign, Cancer goes with the flow and is known to be guided by emotion. Cancer is also known for having a strong energy presence. Use natural energizing peppermint oil to improve your focus and provide a boost of energy.

Crystal: Moss Agate

A fluid sign, Cancer can always use a sense of direction to help feel more grounded. “Those water sings need a little stabilization sometimes.” McCabe continues to explain how Moss Agate is a “a very good stone for balancing emotions, enhancing communication, and helping reduce stress.”

Leo zodiac sign

July 23rd – August 22nd

Essential Oil: Basil

A knack for adventure, people born under the sign of Leo may need a boost of energy to fuel their courage. Filled to the brim with creativity, Leos have a full heart. Use Basil to help your heart stay healthy and release tense muscles to ensure free expression.

Crystal: Orange Calcite

Free expression can be very powerful. McCabe explains Orange Calcite, “Instills that little extra confidence, it allows them to be open, speak from the heart, and speak their truth.”

Virgo zodiac sign

August 23rd – September 22nd

Essential Oil: Vetiver

Virgos are known to be very busy, action-oriented individuals. Constantly working to better any situation, it can be exhausting. Sometimes finding yourself a few steps ahead? Vetiver is a great essential oil to help get back in sync with the earth, due to its calming and stabilizing powers.

Crystal: Carnelian

Constantly solving problems and active thinkers, the carnelian is the perfect complement to any Vigo. “It's super high vibrational, energizing, [and] protective. It stimulates the mind and supports creativity,” McCabe continues to explain. “I think it’s really good to complement the Virgo and that person who’s always using their mind and thinking and figuring things out.”

Libra zodiac sign

September 23rd – October 22nd

Essential Oil: Frankincense

The Libra is an Air Sign, she balances and keeps things together. When she’s feeling the most centered, her skin is radiant and glowing. Balancing can be hard to do, so when Libra needs some help with their complexion, turn to Frankincense to get your skin back on track and leave you feeling balanced.

Crystal: Sunstone

This stone represents joy and light. Libra is very supportive and are always there to lend an ear. McCabe says, “Libra’s often in the middle of it, wants everybody to be happy, [and] always wants to compromise – that can be exhausting, so [sunstone is a] perfect balance for that.”

Scorpio zodiac sign

October 23rd – November 21st

Essential Oil: Fennel

One of the most passionate signs, Scorpio is thought to be the sexiest sign. With that being said, her essential oil is Fennel to help the reproductive system. Using Fennel will help keep her passion strong.

Crystal: Sodalite

Known for being one of the more complicated signs, Scorpio is passionate, decisive, and independent. With the help of sodalite, McCabe explains how “It balances emotions, calms, and clears the mind. It encourages rational thought if feeling a little angsty or like there’s too much going on.”

Sagittarius zodiac sign

November 22nd – December 21st

Essential Oil: Ginger

Known to have an open mind and knack for adventure, Sagittarius is constantly exploring. The endless need to keep moving can take a toll on Sagittarius. Use Ginger root to reduce muscle soreness and to replenish antioxidant enzymes. Ginger is the perfect oil to keep Sagittarians exploring.

Crystal: Topaz

Sagittarians are curious and energetic beings that have wandering personalities. McCabe recommends Topaz to help “Open up to new adventures and good fortune. He continues, “It’s a good stone for helping to accomplish goals, and it promotes forgiveness and stimulates imagination.”

Capricorn zodiac sign

December 22nd – January 19th

Essential Oil: Chamomile

With plans to run the world, Capricorn has some serious girl power. What to do after hours of strategic planning and conference calls? Use Chamomile to calm the tense muscles, since being a leader is exhausting.

Crystal: Fluorite

Capricorn is responsible and driven, this sign belongs to the element of Earth revealing their value on hard work, planning, and action. McCabe explains that “Their minds are always going, moving a million miles a minute. Fluorite helps to cut through that noise and get to the root of the situation.”