Discover Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil

The wait is over! Finally - a cleansing oil that is gentle and proven effective for all skins types. We call it Liquid Gold, because it is just that

Our golden Jojoba Oil-based cleanser is formulated with Brown Sea Kelp Extract, which shields skin from environmental stressors, and activates with water to break bonds of makeup and environmental impurities.

Organic Cleansing Oil Jojoba Oil

The power-packed makeup remover restores natural hydration to the skin, with a moisture-enhancing formula rich in natural highly active ingredients.

Soothing Boswellia Tree Extract (a relative of Frankincense) instantly calms the skin to reduce inflammation, and blocks the release of compounds, like Elastase, that cause damage and loss of firmness.

Infused with antioxidant-rich Elderberry Extract, our beauty-enhancing Signature Essential Oil blend, and ultra-hydrating Vitamin E, Liquid Gold Oil Cleanser restores skin's natural defenses against dryness and prevents visible signs of aging. 

Organic Cleansing Oil Jojoba Oil

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