Why Mary-Louise Parker Loves this Face Oil

Mary-Louise Parker Loves this Face Oil

Ogee is proud to partner with award-winning actress and natural beauty muse, Mary-Louise Parker. See why this beauty swears by our Jojoba Glow Face Oil.

1. Plump Dewy Skin

Unlike other face oils, the "liquid wax" structure of Jojoba Oil is very similar to the skin's naturally produced oils. Jojoba Oil absorbs quickly without clogging pores or leaving a residue.

2. Natural Healthy Glow

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, this miracle oil will brighten your skin, producing a healthy glow. Jojoba Oil helps tame redness and inflammation and targets blemishes and breakouts.

3. Youthful-looking Skin

Clinical studies have demonstrated that a single application of pure Jojoba Oil increases skin smoothness. This superior hydrator renews skin cells and improves elasticity, which prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Once nature's best kept secret, now your own. Jojoba Oil is the secret to healthy, smooth, and glowing skin and the hero ingredient in Jojoba Glow Face Oil.

Mary-Louise Parker, Hollywood actress and long-time Ogee follower, relies on the Jojoba Glow Face Oil in her daily organic skincare ritual. "This liquid gold is booming with antioxidants, nutrients, and healing properties," shares Mary-Louise. A luxury face oil made of 100% natural and Certified Organic ingredients. It's no wonder Mary-Louise Parker picks Ogee to enhance her natural beauty.

Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil is made with the highest possible grade of 100% Jojoba Oil that is grown on a Certified Organic American farm to assure purity and potency. Our ripening Jojoba Plants in the Sonoran Desert, which when mature, are cold-pressed and enriched with our proprietary essential oil blend and filled into recyclable glass bottles.

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Mary-Louise's Ritual

This miracle oil is a "one-size-fits-all." Its biocompatible molecular structure mimics the skin's natural oils, deeming it safe and effective for every skin type.

Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil has been tested and approved by beauty insiders to replenish and hydrate, while dramatically improving the skin's overall complexion.

Q: During the COVID quarantine, you created a homemade video for the organic cosmetic and skincare brand Ogee. How was it working with your family and assistant to create such a beautiful piece?

A:  "I thought of everything as an opportunity for creativity, where I could involve my kids. My son is a magician so he did all the fun stuff in the video (watch below) and my daughter helped me choose what to wear. My assistant is a super talented DP who happens to know stop motion so we just kind of went for it. It doesn't hurt that I love their products!" - MLP

Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil is a high-performance skin treatment. In addition to using it on her face, neck, and décolletage, Mary-Louise Parker applies a few drops for a whole body hydration; she applies to her hands, elbows, and any other areas that are prone to dryness.

The perfect all-natural hair, skin, and nail revitalizer, this multi-functional oil also heals frizzy or damaged hair, soothes sunburns, and softens cuticles.

Pro Tip: Mary-Louise adds a few drops of Jojoba Face Oil to her moisturizers and foundations for an added hydration boost. The Jojoba Glow Face Oil also serves as a highlighter, Mary-Louise suggests tapping a few drops onto the cheekbones for a natural, dewy glow.

Beauty Insiders Praise Ogee

Beauty experts can't speak highly enough of this all-in-one hydration treatment. Marie Claire calls Jojoba Oil the New Oil Bloom. In a recent issue, beauty editors visited the Certified Organic farm in Arizona that grows our golden Jojoba Seed Oil to experience the benefits of this liquid gold first-hand.

Ogee is no stranger to the revolution, delivering the highest grade and most potent Jojoba Oil on the market today.

Jojoba Glow Face Oil

Byrdie, the acclaimed online beauty publication with a cult following, names Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil in their roundup of Best Products with Jojoba Oil. "A little goes a long way... use it twice daily for glowier, more radiant skin," says Y. Claire Chang, MD about how to use Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil.

"Jojoba Oil is the first on the (limited) ingredient list of this oil, one of Chang's choices, which blends it with other flower oils and boasts 99% organic ingredients," Byrdie editors raved about our face oil.

Healthy, dewy, radiant skin, and great for all skin types? It's a no-brainer. Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil is a crucial step in your skincare ritual.

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