No Hassle Travel: Four On-the-Go Essentials

No Hassle Travel: Four On-the-Go Essentials

Embracing a travel size routine

Traveling is both exciting and challenging in that it is next to impossible to bring our whole arsenal of beauty products. To make it a little easier, we put together a list of essentials for wherever life takes you. Paring it down to just the necessities is a must for both airplane guidelines and a lack of ample suitcase room... Between all of our shoe and clothing options there isn’t much space! These four products are our travel essentials that make us feel as close to home as possible while still taking great care of our skin.

Look Alert

No matter the length, no matter the purpose, never leave home without mascara. It provides an ultra quick and easy way to make eyes pop and provide a little pick-me-up after an exhausting day of travel. Even if eyeshadow and eyeliner are deemed too heavy for our traveling purposes, mascara always does the trick.

Blonde woman applying mascara to eyelashes

Fresh in a Flash

Since airplanes are known for their cold dry air, and it’s not always convenient (or possible) to find a place to wash up, a face wipe is the perfect pick-me-up for any traveler who doesn’t have the time or equipment needed to cleanse carefully. It’s incredibly easy to whip out a cloth and instantly refresh skin. Look for products that can do the job without the use of drying alcohol. Since you’re already navigating an environment with so many germs and chemicals, consider using an all-natural and organic product. Ogee’s Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths are our best friend when traveling because they’re just as effective as a normal wash but can be used anywhere...whether stuck on an airplane for hours or just ready to hop into bed after a long day.

Brunette woman with amazing hair wearing a fedora

Bad Hair Going Nowhere

Our third must-have is dry shampoo. Just because we’ve taken a long journey doesn’t mean our hair has to reflect that. Avoid that unflattering, flattened, greasy look by carrying this little hair helper. Dry shampoo is essential for a convenient, zero effort look that doesn’t require any dry time.

Moisture on the Move

Airports are a hydration suck for skin. All of that dry air can causes chapping on our face, hands, elbows, legs. An easily absorbing face oil serves as a cure all for these problems. Use a couple drops following a quick facial wipe cleanse, then use a few more to fight off ashy legs and restore vitality to elbows, hands and knuckles. Even if it’s been a couple of days, a good oil can make it look like you’re just stepping off the beach when you’re just stepping off of the jet-way. The best types of oils are Jojoba based because they match the building block oils of our skin and thus, very easily absorbed. That is why we always travel with Ogee’s Jojoba Restore Face Oil which provides a layer of moisture that absorbs quickly and penetrates the skin without leaving behind a greasy film.

Now that you know our travel must-haves, it’s not necessary to sacrifice quality or effectiveness for travel-sized goodies when away from the comfort of home. All of Ogee’s products provide effortless benefits wherever our travels take us because we know that the best trips are the ones take us across the world but provide all of the creature comforts we enjoy at home.

Transcend the stress of airports, especially when limited to our “make do” travel-size beauty products and cleansers. It is possible to treasure your travel size routine, and stay green in the process. Shop the Ogee line for everyday effectiveness and sizes perfect for taking on the go.