Dermatologist Tested: The Anti-Aging Serum That Instantly Hydrates

Discover the results women of all ages are seeing after using Ogee's Seeds of Youth Serum.

Carol, 60

Concern: Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lifestyle: Health conscious, trusts products with certified organic ingredients

Results: The Seeds of Youth Serum contains potent anti-aging stem cells clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 22 days.

Celia, 47

Concern: Skin Dullness

Lifestyle: Lives in urban environment with poor air quality

Results: Serum boosts radiance and luminosity, clinically proven to increase luminosity in the skin by 325% after 40 days, bringing dull and dehydrated skin back to life.

Sophia, 39

Concern: Acne Scarring 

Lifestyle: Experienced acne at a younger age, sensitive to harsh skincare products

Results: Edelweiss Flower Stem Cells contain 200% the antioxidant power of pure vitamin C to visibly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of scarring.

Stephanie, 35

Concern: Skin Dryness

Lifestyle: Lives in a dry climate at a high altitude

Results: The serum is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and hydrating Aloe Leaf Gel to bond moisture within the skin and keep it locked-in.

Maria, 26

Concern: Sun Spots / UV Damage

Lifestyle: Lives in a sunny environment, enjoys sunbathing.

Results: Antioxidant-rich Edelweiss Stem Cells help reduce the look of sun spots and harmful radiation while preventing hyperpigmentation and skin aging.



"It's a miracle in a bottle! After turning 40 I bought every serum that I had heard about, but nothing made a difference until I found Ogee" - Jennis S.


Love It!

"My skin feels and looks hydrated and alive. It is good to have natural products to use and feel confident in a radiant look" - Gwen B.


This Serum Is Just Incredible!

"Instantly plumping effect, as well as a glow. Amazing stuff!" - Michelle H.

Clinical Results

Women who tested Edelweiss Flower Plant Stem Cells said that their:

✓ Skin luminosity increased by 325%

✓ Skin hydration increased by 157%

✓ Skin firmness increased by 150%

✓ Skin smoothness increased by 111%

Seeds of Youth Serum significantly reduces the look of wrinkle intensity and shows visible improvement in skin firmness and luminosity. After 22 days, crow’s feet wrinkle depth appearance was visibly reduced up to 36%.

Beauty Editor-Approved

Vogue named Seeds of Youth Serum as one of the 7 Serums That Will Prevent Dry Skin. Vogue editors shared their insider tips for application, "The best part is that you can use it under, over, or in between layers of makeup, anytime you need a little extra hydration."

Vanity Fair highlights the Seeds of Youth Serum in their list of Sustainable Beauty Favorites. Applauded for our Certified Organic ingredients and eco-friendly formula, Vanity Fair writes, "There are also new kids on the block that you shouldn’t miss, like Ogee, whose Sculpted Lip Oil and Seeds of Youth Serum have been Vanity Fair–tested and very much approved."

Beauty insiders agree that Seeds of Youth Serum is the best defense against fine line and wrinkles. Treat yourself to pretty and plump skin in just 22 days with Ogee's Stem Cell Serum.