Thankful for the Organic Farming Research Foundation

Thankful for the Organic Farming Research Foundation

It’s that time of year again where relatives come to town, the family recipe book gets dusted off the shelf, and dinner is followed by an over-eating induced nap. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we want to give a special thank you to our friends at the Organic Farming Research Foundation. We are proud sponsors of this innovative organization that works to improve organic farming systems across the United States.

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What is the Organic Farming Research Foundation

Founded in 1990, the OFRF is a non-profit organization that works to improve organic farming systems through research, community involvement, changing federal policy, and education.

Research: OFRF offers grant projects to help find solutions to problems identified by farmers and researchers. Through their extensive research, OFRF has improved organic farming practices, enhanced ecological sustainability, and increased the economic prosperity of organic farmers.

Community Involvement: Constantly looking to further develop the connection between organic farmers and their supporters, OFRF cares about the community. They seek to inspire all of those that are connected to the Organic Farming System. With advocacy training sessions, OFRF spreads awareness of the importance of healthy, organic food. Do you feel strongly about organic farming? Join the Organic Farming Community today.

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Changing Federal Policies: OFRF addresses four main areas.

  1. Secure a substantial increase in financial assistance from the government to support organic agriculture.
  2. Cultivate policies to assure economic viability of organic family farms.
  3. Support farmers’ intention to grow and sell products without pressure to use pesticides and GMOs.
  4. Ensure land grant universities have organic research programs developed with the help of organic farmers.

These are the four main ideas OFRF is working diligently to accomplish.

Education: After years of research, the OFRF has made many astounding organic farming breakthroughs. If new farmers are interested in adopting organic practices, the foundation shares their insights. In addition, through the OFRF funded projects, they assist farmers working on developmental practices to help further the industry.

Proud Sponsors of the Organic Farming Research Foundation

Here at Ogee, we are proud sponsors of the Organic Farming Research Foundation. Whether you’re eating organic produce, or using organic ingredients in beauty products, we believe organic is always better. With every purchase of Ogee Organic skincare, we donate a percentage to the OFR Foundation. We believe in the good of Organics, and are proud sponsors of such an inspirational organization.

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All photos courtesy of The Organic Farming Research Foundation.