The 6 Plants You Need in Your Home

The 6 Plants You Need in Your Home

Plants not only look beautiful, but they have the power to do so much more. With every plant you bring into your home, you must consider the design and what it offers in terms of environmental enhancements. Adding a living, textured sculpture that doubles as an air purifier and pain reliever? Yes, please (Aloe Vera)! These incredible home-friendly plants are known to help you sleep restfully, breathe better, de-stress, and prevent headaches. Not to mention, their vibrant color brightens up any space.

This Year's 'it' Plant 

You may have seen it in Elle Décor or Architectural Digest, this plant has been sweeping magazines and interior design projects for years, and we love it!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Trending on nearly every 'it-bloggers' Instagram, the Fiddle Leaf Fig was declared this year's 'it' plant by the New York Times. This botanical beauty is also known as the unofficial-official plant of the French luxury brand, Céline boutique. Daniel Kanter, the voice behind Manhattan Nest raves, “These plants have been popular for forever, but I think only in the last couple years have they become a full-out raging botanical trend, and I wanted desperately to get in on the Fiddle Club.”

Looking for Fiddle inspiration? See how celebrities Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Nina Dobrev, incorporate this years ‘it’ plant into their homes.

Neutral Color Scheme Master Bedroom


Healthy Herbals

Some plants are aesthetically pleasing, while also serving a purpose in our everyday lives. For enriching your space with uplifting aromas, or cutting off a few sprigs for your next culinary masterpiece, these are our two favorites. 


Love the French country side, but don’t have the time to make that get-away to Provence this summer? Bring the French countryside indoors. Lavender has been proven to have numerous therapeutic properties. Welcome its most commonly known benefits of relaxation into your room, and into your life. A live plant gives off a stronger scent than dried, so place your Lavender in bright light and enjoy the soothing scent.


A staple in any spice cabinet, this perennial woody herb gives off a wonderful flavor to any dish. But to reap the full array of health benefits, you need to incorporate Rosemary into your décor. In a series of tests, sniffing Rosemary increases your memory as much as 75%! Not only will you become more alert, but the fresh smell of Rosemary has been linked to reducing headaches and relieving tension.

Air Purifying Plants

Before reaching for an air freshener, (which produce harmful levels of formaldehyde), use any of these plants to not just mask air impurities, eliminate them. NASA scientists worked hard to discover a list of plants that act as natural air purifiers. Check out these clean and stylish ways to purify your air.

Aloe Vera

organic aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera is a visually stimulating, easy-to-grow house plant eliminates pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene (commonly used in plastics, home cleaners and paints). Aloe Vera is a form of succulent and is native to arid desert regions, you can get away with only watering about once a week. Place in the sun and let the leaves grow thick and spiky.

Unfortunately, we can’t walk around with the air-cleansing power of Aloe Vera. So how do we remove daily air pollutants off our skin? Use Ogee Facial Cleansing Cloths with Aloe Vera to wash away the harshness of the day, and let your skin breathe freely. Because the Cloths are loaded with antioxidants, they are considered anti-pollutant.

Peace Lily

If your home or office needs a touch of nature, try adding a Peace Lily. Not only is the delicate aesthetic exactly what your space needs, its purifying powers are too good to ignore. The Peace Lily was discovered for removing harmful chemicals like trichloroethylene, commonly used in office or home products like printing inks, wood varnishes, and adhesives.

Snake Plant

Get the most from your beauty sleep. Unlike other plants that only convert C02 into oxygen during daylight hours, the Snake Plant releases oxygen all day AND night. Increasing oxygen levels lead to a more beneficial and restful sleep. This hard-working plant can live in any light and only needs water every two weeks. Looking for a way to fill that low-natural-light bedroom corner? Grab yourself a unique planter and watch the snake plant flourish. The Snake Plant is fool proof. No matter the size of your green thumb, this low-maintenance plant will let you breathe easy.

Snake Plant in a White Planter