The Best Kept Beauty Secret for Brighter, Younger Looking Skin

Beautiful Brunette Woman Applying Ogee Organic Restore Face Oil

Do you have 10 minutes to spare? What about 5? Well, all you need is an extra 60 seconds at the beginning and end of each day for a facial massage. There are some serious benefits to be realized – especially when combined with healthy, effective skincare.

Facial massage (or lymphatic drainage) can be traced back to ancient times, and only relatively recently has it caught on in the Western World. Listed below are some of the benefits of facial massage, (which are amazing!). Pair them with Ogee Jojoba Restore Face Oil for a powerful self-care duo. 

Why combine products with massage? It’s a celebrity secret. According to esthetician Joanna Czech, (whose clients include Anna Wintour, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Penélope Cruz) applying product, when combined with a facial massage, instead of just “rubbing it on”, increases products effectiveness by 30%.

Benefits of Facial Massage 

  • Younger looking skin: stimulates blood flow to increase your skin's natural radiance
  • Evens tone: massage following a system of lymphatic drainage removes accumulated impurities
  • Anti-aging: relieving tension from tense muscles and stimulates collagen production to fight the look of aging
  • Wrinkles: increase muscle tone in order to prevent new wrinkles from forming, and decrease the harsh look of fine lines
  • Stress relief: helps ease strained muscles to help relax the body and the mind. (Tip: Focus on pressure points followed by a hot towel for added relaxation)
  • Dryness: allows for deep saturation and increases the skins ability to absorb

 Benefits of Ogee Face Oil 

  • Instantly moisturizes
  • Minimizes the size of pores to improve the appearance of skin
  • Full of essential oils and antioxidants that brighten your skin to leave a healthy glow
  • Tame inflammation, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and target acne breakouts
  • Increases skin smoothness, and improves skin elasticity
  • Non-Acnegenic (won’t clog pores)


Our Guide To Get Glowing

Want to get in on the goodness? These methods are used by celeb Nina Agdal who states “lymphatic therapy. It’s amazing – and a treat.” Facialist for the stars Joanna Vargas revealed she recommends it for all her clients including Julianne Moore, and Dakota Johnson.

Step by step technique...

1. Make sure your skin is clear by using Ogee Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil or Ogee Cleansing Cloths if you're in a pinch for time, perfect for removing makeup, moisturizing and exfoliating

2. Apply Ogee Face Oil to achieve desired ‘slip’ affect. Make sure you have ‘slip’ for duration of massage to prevent pulling of the skin

3. Eyes: With your pointer and middle fingers starting at your inner brow line, move away from your nose in a circular motion around your eyes. This reduces puffiness and inflammation after a night of little sleep

4. T-zone: Starting with your fingers at the middle of your forehead to your hairline, do a light sweeping motion. Next, place your finger pads on the bridge of your nose push across your cheek bones to your ears.

5. Chin & Cheeks: using your finger pads, move in a spiral motion from your chin up the jawline to the bottom of your ears.

6. Stroke your neck in a downward direction to your chest. Lightly brush your finger pads across your chest to your underarms.

This method uses a technique of lymphatic drainage to remove accumulated impurities of the skin.

Can’t get enough? Google these different methods of facial massage for more advanced techniques or stay tuned to The Daily Good for future posts in our Facial Massage Series.

Acupressure: apply pressure to certain areas on the face to clear blocked meridians.

Effleurage manipulations: light, continuous stroking with the fingers or the palms of the hand.

Petrissage movements: Kneading movements between the thumb and fingers, the skin is lifted and then squeezed with a firm but light amount of pressure.

Blue-eyed woman massaging Ogee Organic Restore Face Oil into face


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