24K Beauty: 12 Gold-Infused Products

Brit and Co. Beauty product to try this moth: Ogee Organic Jojoba Restore Face Oil

One of the most valuable metals in the world, gold has been used for centuries to make jewels, weapons and currency—and it is also a popular ingredient in beauty products. The ancient Egyptians believed that gold possessed special healing powers, and Queen Cleopatra was said to have worn pure gold to enhance her complexion. Gold’s numerous beauty benefits include:

  • It’s an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties

  • It helps reduce acne and allergies

  • Its reflective particles provide a brightening effect

  • It stimulates skin cells for a healthier complexion

  • It increases skin elasticity for a more toned and firm complexion

Here, 12 gold beauty products and accessories that are worth their weight in gold (King Midas would be jealous!):

Ogee Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil ($85)

This gentle-yet-effective Golden Jojoba Oil makeup removing cleanser activates with water to break bonds of makeup and impurities, while restoring natural hydration to the skin with a moisture-enhancing formula rich in natural highly active ingredients. Includes soothing Boswellia Tree Extract to calm inflammation.