What's Trending - Ingredients of Note

American Spa: What's Trending - Ingredients to Note from Ogee Organic Skincare

We spoke to several indie beauty gurus to discover their picks for ingredients that are making an impact.

“According to a recent report from Grand View Research, the jojoba oil market is expected to reach $254 million by 2024, due in part to the increasing use of jojoba oil in cosmetics and beauty products. Because consumer demand is driving more natural and organic formulations, brands are turning toward sustainable ingredients that work harmoniously with the skin. Recent research studies have shown jojoba’s unique molecular structure makes it the best skincare oil, because unlike all of the other plant and vegetable oils that are available, jojoba mimics the building block oils of human skin. Jojoba is easily absorbed, non-greasy in texture, moisturizing, balancing, and, with regular use, even preventative in the formation of wrinkles. Organic cold-pressed jojoba tends to be the richest in micronutrients and antioxidants, and therefore, the best grade for skincare.”—Abbott Stark, chief marketing officer, Ogee.

January 2016