12 All-Natural Skincare Brands That Actually Work

Bustle natural skincare brands that actually work: Ogee Organic Skincare

Switching to an all-natural skincare routine can be overwhelming. Not only is it hard to find products that work with your skin, but it can be pretty pricey. Thankfully, I've done all the hard work to make your switch incredibly easy. From toners and oils to face washes and masks, I've found 12 all-natural brands that actually work.

Before I start rattling off brands, you should know that I'm super picky when it comes to skincare. I love using natural ingredients — but only if they work. So when I started out on my au naturale journey, I decided to get some help from a professional. My first question was a simple one: Where do I start?

According to Leilah Mundt, the founder and CEO of Creme Collective, it's easiest to swap one product at a time, but there is one specific product that you should start with.

"Start with skin. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, and all the ingredients make it right into our bloodstream," Mundt said via email. "So switch out a conventional (likely petroleum based) body lotion for a gorgeous body oil."

I took this advice and it really did work. Body oils are the perfect start, because most of them work with all skin types. It's also easier to know what's in an oil than what's in a cream. After getting comfy with a body oil, move on to swapping out your other skincare staples.

"Switch out facial cleansers and moisturizers for natural ones," Mundt says. "This can have a huge impact, usually calming irritated skin and getting rid of breakouts. It is so important to use natural products on your face to keep inflammation at bay."

Now, on to the stars of the show — the natural products.


This brand might be small, but they are mighty. Everything from their all-natural makeup wipes to their lip oil are made with jojoba oil, and you can see the results almost instantly. Trust me, your face will thank me for this recommendation.