15 Products From L.A.'s Indie Beauty Expo We'll Be Stocking Up On

Byrdie: The 15 Products from L.A.'s Indie Beauty Expo We'll Be Stocking Up On - Ogee Organics Sculpted Lip Oil

Ogee Organic Skincare Sculpted Lip Oil

It's no secret that we're big fans of Ogee here at Byrdie HQ, and though we've already sung this lip oil's praises, we think it deserves another shout out. (It's just that good.) Yes, we appreciate the peppy green packaging and twist-up pencil applicator, but the jojoba-enriched formula is also one of the few that keeps our pouts the opposite of parched. Not a lip balm person? The brand also has a brand-new moisturizer and a beloved serum and oil.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the classics, there's also nothing like the giddy, satisfying feeling of discovering a product or brand that has *unfairly* flown under the radar. Especially if you're a beauty junkie. Then multiply that heart-pumping sensation by about 150+. Exciting right? Enter: the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE for short), a convention-like phenomenon showcasing more than 150 different brands that the majority of the beauty-loving community is quite possibly unaware of. (Hang tight—we'll try to change that in a few.)

Founded with the mission to "recognize, showcase, and celebrate independent beauty brands and to support the growth and success of the entrepreneurs behind them," the Indie Beauty Expo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to game-changing formulations, technology, and yes, lust-worthy products. So we naturally had to investigate. (Consider it our call of duty as beauty editors.) Hot off the heels of IBE's Los Angeles appearance, (though there will also be pit stops in Dallas, New York, and London later on this year), we couldn't wait to share our haul with you. From saffron-infused hair elixirs to a DNA-renewing eye balm, keep reading for the must-try products and brands we think you'll love as much as we do.