Here's What's Up with Beauty in 2021 (Any Guesses?)

Here's What's Up with Beauty in 2021

It seems there’s been no slow down on thirty-step makeup routines on YouTube or ridiculously wild beauty trends on TikTok, but the real story this year is about the return of a toned-down, skin-forward look that more of us are turning to while spending time at home.

Is It Skincare Or Is It Makeup?

2021’s top beauty trend is about more than just a bare face, it’s about a subtly elevated clean look with barely-there sheer, glowy products that might make your roommates wonder if it’s your skincare or your makeup. And that’s the point.

Here are a few of our favorite skincare-mimicking makeup products — many of them from newly launched brands we’ve become instantly obsessed with!

Ogee is not a new brand and we hadn’t given them a thought in a while, but a fresh delivery of new product launches from the brand immediately put them at the top of our WFH beauty list! Ogee’s moisturizing lip crayon called ‘sculpted lip oil’ gives sheer, moisturizing, subtle color and we can’t stop wearing it. Just right for the subtle, but polished look we’re after. Their Hydraganics Sculpted Face Sticks are also something of a phenomenon in bronzing, highlighting and foundation-like tones that are so creamy, hydrating and satisfying to apply.