Mary-Louise Parker

Brit and Co. Beauty product to try this moth: Ogee Organic Jojoba Restore Face Oil
Bare: During the COVID quarantine, you created a homemade video for the organic cosmetic and skincare brand OGEE. How was it working with your family and assistant to create such a beautiful piece? What's your go-to product by them?
MLP: OGEE was generous enough to ask me to collaborate and I thought, “Well, if I’m going to take the time to do it, I’d like it to be interesting.” I thought of everything as an opportunity for creativity, where I could involve my kids. My son is a magician so he did all the fun stuff in the video (click link or watch below) and my daughter helped me choose what to wear. My assistant is a super talented DP who happens to know stop motion so we just kind of went for it. It doesn’t hurt that I love their products! The lip balms are amazing and the Jojoba oil you can use everywhere. It works on your hair and I’ve even put it on my legs. That youth serum also, I absolutely love it. It smells so good and it feels like you're putting something pure on your skin. I also love perfume, and I tend to obsess over the event of changing my fragrance. I practically have Robert and Karl at Aedes on Orchard Street on speed dial.