Meet Ogee, The Skin-Care Line That Makes The Best Makeup Wipes

Nylon: Meet Ogee, The Skincare Brand That Makes the Best Makeup Wipes

The Ogee skin-care line first caught my eye a couple of months ago, right after Pantone had announced its color of 2017: greenery. Here, it seemed, was a brand that was way ahead of the trend curve, with packaging in the verdant, fresh color that was sure to be everywhere in the coming months. But while pretty packaging is all well and good (and who among us hasn’t at least once been a sucker for what a lotion looks like, forgetting about what it actually does?), I was interested in finding out if Ogee would be something I would want to incorporate into my daily routine. And I was all the more intrigued because of Ogee’s explicit promise to deliver the indulgence inherent to luxury skin care with the feel-good aspect of using organic products. 

Ogee Organic Skincare is a line founded by Mark Rice and Abbott Stark, and not only utilizes all-organic products, promising to “never use petroleum derivatives, parabens, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, or GMOs,” but it also uses recycled materials for packaging, not skimping on its environmentally conscious standards anywhere. The luxury aspect comes via the products themselves, which all utilize jojoba oil, a non-comedogenic oil that promises not to block pores and retain the skin’s moisture the same way that biologically occurring sebum does, making it feel seamless on the skin, instead of weighty, like some other oils that will go unmentioned. 

This all translates into beautifully effective products which always feel gentle on the skin.