Product of the Day: Ogee CBD Sculpting Lip Oil

american salon - Product of the Day: Ogee CBD Sculpting Lip Oil

Ogee, the luxury organic skin care brand, launched a new CBD version of its celebrity-favorite Sculpted Lip Oil. Organablis CBD Sculpted Lip oil is a blend of jojoba oil and full-spectrum CBD from a 100 percent organic Vermont farm. In addition to its skin softening effects, the oil's CBD has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, and is ideal as a lipstick primer or for a treatment before bed.

Ogee is also working to help frontline workers in New York City by partnering with Donate Beauty, a grassroots effort started by beauty editors to put self-care products in the hands of workers to boost morale and alleviate irritated skin caused by PPE. Since the outbreak began, Ogee has donated 200 units of their Jojoba Glow Face Oil.