The 5 Best Facial Oils

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There are few skin-care products quite as divisive as facial oils — either you love them or you hate them. While some swear by their game-changing moisturizing powers, others find them too greasy. But believe it or not, many of the best facial oils sink into skin just as well as a serum and leave no greasy residue behind. It all just comes down to finding the best formula for your skin type and making sure you're applying it the right way.

Drier skin types can turn to a number of oils to help lock in moisture and provide antioxidant protection. Chief among those options are almond, marula, and argan oils, which are all particularly nourishing. These can also work for sensitive skin types, provided that the formula isn't paired with any essential oils or other fragrance that could be potentially irritating.

For more oily skin types, though, you want to look for oils that will help balance your own skin's sebum production while still being lightweight and breathable like jojoba oil. And acne-prone skin types should look for oils that have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, or antibacterial properties like tea tree, pomegranate, and rose hip oils.

No matter which oil you choose, make sure you apply it as the last step in your nightly skin care. While oils contain helpful vitamins and antioxidants, because they create a protective barrier on your skin, you want to pat a few drops of your facial oil after your eye cream, serum, and night cream to allow the rest of your routine to work properly and seal in all of their benefits. Also, to avoid greasiness, just use a few drops — with face oils, a little goes a very long way.

Ahead, you'll find five of the best facial oils for dry skin, acne-prone skin, and everything in between.


The Best Face Oil For Oily Skin

Jojoba oil is similar to the oils your skin naturally produce, which is what makes it a prime choice for oily skin types. It provides skin with antioxidants and moisture without clogging pores — in fact, it can even help control excess oil production, which may help reduce the appearance of congested, enlarged pores. Ogee's Jojoba Glow Face Oil pairs organic cold-pressed jojoba oil with ylang ylang and geranium flower oil to further help nourish, repair, and regenerate skin.

"My skin drinks this oil up, nothing is left sitting on the surface of my skin," shares one reviewer. They continue, "I'll use it at night ... and wake up glowing.... So glowing that I don't have to wear make up, just some SPF and I'm outta here."