The Best New Beauty Products We Tried in May

Glamour - The Best New Beauty Products We Tried in May
Welcome to Stuff We Want—our monthly roundup of new releases and undisputed favorites worth adding to your cart ASAP. From fitness gear to new beauty products, these are the things our editors can't stop talking about.
After two months of working from home, we can safely say our beauty routines have continued to be a bright spot in our days—even if they've been slightly shaken up. For some Glamour editors, that's meant seeking out a luxurious hand soap that doesn't leave your skin dry and tight (just wait for our beauty associate Bella's recommendation—it's a good one). Others of us have been taking advantage of the time saved from our commutes and are putting it toward extra indulgent wash days. Good moisturizers and serums to treat mask irritation and stress acne have also been high on our shopping lists.
That's not to say we've sworn off makeup, though. And it's a good thing, too, because a ton of brands are finally releasing their summer collections—like Nars' new bronzers for a range of skin tones and a Marc Jacobs mascara that doubles the size of the lashes. In other words: Good stuff. So, we'll get right to it. Here are the new beauty products that brought us joy this month—and, you know, helped us feel a little more human.

I've kept a tube of this next to my computer for the past few weeks and my lips have never felt softer. The oil is soft and pillowy on your lips—never sticky or tacky. I'm not sure if it's the jojoba oil, the CBD, or both, but whatever the magic, it works. —L.S.