This Line-Plumping Elixir Helps Wrinkles When Nothing Else Can

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As we start closing in on the real-deal summer, the thought of sinking into a cool pool feels tantalizing beyond belief. Now imagine that the pool is full of anti-aging serum that turns back the clock on intense wrinkles and dry skin, so you emerge dewy and feeling like your 22-year-old self. Wild, right? But such is the dream with Ogee's Seeds of Youth Serum, a formula so powerful that shoppers write, "I want to swim in this stuff! It helps INSTANTLY." 

According to the vast majority of shoppers who've tried it, the 89 percent organic serum is a changemaker that leaves no issue unsolved. Aloe leaf gel and hyaluronic acid help your skin retain moisture, and jojoba oil locks it in; edelweiss flower plant stem cells increase skin's radiance by 325 percent after 40 days, according to the brand, and a combination of plant extracts, oils, and food grade preservatives make up the rest of the ingredient list.

Any time I see stem cells in a skincare product I get a bit cynical, so I reached out to board-certified dermatologist Michele Green for her take on the formula. Clinical studies show promise for edelweiss stem cells' antioxidant activity, but Green says the major players are actually the serum's aloe, ylang ylang oil, and jojoba oil. Aloe calms and soothes skin, boosts all-important collagen production, and can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles - and with collagen enhancers on the uptick, now's the time to try it.

Add that to ylang ylang oil, which improves skin elasticity for tighter skin, and jojoba oil, which creates a protective barrier between your skin and the world for what Green terms a "more youthful, radiant complexion." The end result is a golden elixir that shoppers say eliminates wrinkles, tightens skin (thank you, ylang ylang), and even has die-hard "La Mer ladies" switching to the serum. 

Within three days, shoppers note that they're surprised at the change in the texture of their skin, and in two weeks, others comment that they see lines subside. "I'm actually loving the results. I have always used nice quality skincare products and thought that as I was getting older not much would help the wrinkles anymore," one reviewer writes. "I have to honestly say that [the] Youth Serum, used with the face mist and the face oil, has lessened the appearance of my wrinkles."  

More people second the finding, writing that their face immediately looks younger, smoother, and less lined, the lightweight serum an easy addition to their daily routine. "Skin turns to a soft, velvet surface of glowing, healthy beauty," one poetic shopper writes of the "exquisite" product. "The serum does such a lovely job of evening out any sort of bumpy terrain that I used to have. I just had my 49th birthday but I don't think you can tell." 

The difference is so profound that it wins other shoppers compliments from their friends and dermatologists, who write that rubbing any extra bits of the serum on their hands makes them look younger, too. In the words of a last shopper: "I get so many compliments about my skin. In my mid-50s, I'm loving that I look as young as I feel." May we all be so lucky, with science and Ogee on our side.