Could This Natural Beauty Superstar Be The Next Coconut Oil?

Well + Good: Could This Natural Beauty Superstar be the Next Coconut Oil? - Ogee's Organic Jojoba Oil

For years now, the coconut oil craze has raged on—and rightly so. It’s a true natural beauty staple that does everything from fight frizz to whiten teeth.

But amid the cuckoo-for-coconut craziness, another workhorse oil has been somewhat unfairly eclipsed, despite its presence in countless beauty products: jojoba oil.

“Jojoba is really unique because it has a different structure than all other oils out there,” says Abbott Stark, co-founder of organic brand Ogee, which uses the oil in its entire line (you’ll also probably find it in your current regimen). 

“Many oils can be too heavy and occlusive for some people, which causes breakouts and greasy skin,” he explains. “Jojoba is actually biocompatible with your skin’s cellular structure,” which means it’s absorbed super easily.

Plus, it’s universally flattering. “It’s an oil that’s beneficial for almost every skin type and age, and is super versatile,” says Sara Ellis, ingredient guru and head of marketing at The Detox Market, a natural beauty outlet. “You can use jojoba as hair oil, a light moisturizer, makeup remover, cuticle treatment, lip balm—the list goes on.”

The oil, which is made from seeds of the jojoba shrub, hasn’t enjoyed the same acclaim as coconut oil in part because it’s an ingredient in a lot of so-so drugstore beauty products—but in its pure form, jojoba is definitely deserving of the kind of adoration its more tropical cousin gets.