A Miracle Oil for Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin

A Miracle Oil for Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin

Have you recently looked in the mirror and seen patches of dry, tight flaky skin? Have you wondered why they can exist when you’ve been using a deeply conditioning moisturizer? Are you looking for dry skin solutions?

There are three predominant causes of dry, tight, flaky skin. Do you know what they are? When you understand the cause of your dryness, each can be effectively combatted by using a targeted skin solution – we have just the thing

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The Cause of Your Dry Tight Flaky Skin – Sun Damage

Every ray of sunlight reaching your skin is a rainbow of many lights with differing energies. Limiting your exposure to one kind – UV – is one of the quickest ways you can begin following an anti-aging skincare routine. Both UVA and UVB can be extremely damaging to your skin. Both are high energy lights that can cause damage leaving you with dry, tight flakey skin in the short-term, and wrinkled skin in the long-term. [1]

UV light is an oxidant and just like oxidation browns an apple, UV light can oxidize, age and breakdown your skin’s barrier. When the health of your skin’s barrier has been compromised, its ability to hold onto hydration is reduced.

Jojoba Oil for Sun Damaged, Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin

Jojoba oil has an extremely unique structure. Unlike other plant oils, which are liquid oils, jojoba is actually a liquid wax. Jojoba oil has more in common with beeswax than it does almond oil. Because of its unique structure, jojoba oil is almost identical to skins own, naturally produced barrier forming sebum.

Jojoba oil is also highly resistant to oxidation (read: aging) with studies showing once absorbed it remains in the top layers of skin, forming a barrier to improve skins condition. Sunscreen developers are even using it to enhance the SPF level suncreams provide in the very top layers of your skin[2]

Not only can jojoba oil help to prevent UV induced damage, it can also help to reverse the dryness caused by sun damage that’s already occurred. Studies show jojoba oil improves the suppleness and elasticity of skin, which also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.[3] The result is skin that’s elastic, smooth and youthful.

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The Cause of Your Dry Tight Flaky Skin – Pollution

Most people know pollution is damaging for their lungs, not many know pollution is also damaging for their skin. Tiny airborne pollution particles are easily caught by your skin and depending on its resiliency, may be absorbed deeply. When trapped here, your body recognizes each and every pollution particle as an intruder and in doing so, initiates a protective inflammatory response.[4] Although small amounts of inflammation can be helpful, ongoing, chronic inflammation is aging.

Jojoba Oil for Pollution Effected, Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin

When your skin’s damaged, it’s able to absorb foreign particles deeply. Daily exposure to pollution impurities can damage your skin barrier, causing dry, tight skin. This is a very visible sign of reduced barrier function. A vicious cycle is then initiated as further pollution particles are more easily absorbed, creating more damage and leading the way for skin active bacteria and viruses to accompany them.

A daily assault of pollution slowly weakens your skin’s health and to repair it, your skin’s barrier needs to be restored.

Jojoba oil is perfect for the job. It’s almost skin-identical nature paired with its ability to remain in the very top layers of skin, help it to reform and recreate a healthy skin barrier. This new defense helps to prevent pollution particles from becoming deeply absorbed, treating and preventing against dry, tight flakey skin.

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The Cause of Your Dry Tight Flaky Skin – Cleansers

It takes just 2 minutes to cleanse and in that short amount of time, cause long term damage to your skin. Skin is both water and oil based, however It’s not an even amount of both in all areas. Your skin is mostly water based in its deepest layers and mostly oil based in its top layers. This biology works perfectly to ensure your skin is always hydrated. The science is simple, oil and water don’t naturally mix which means a top layer of oil locks in a deeper level of hydration. One of the best ways to balance the various oil levels of facial skin is to cleanse with a jojoba oil cleanser which dissolves impurities in pores while hydrating dry patches and balancing oil production in oilier areas. 

Cleansers, especially ones that foam, remove oil based makeup effectively, however they also remove a portion of your skins natural oils.[5] If you use a strong cleanser or are cleansing too often, you’ll soon see areas of dry, tight, flakey skin.

Jojoba Oil for Over Cleansed, Dry, Tight, Flaky Skin

Being so similar to your skins natural oils, jojoba oil’s able to absorb quickly while also remaining in the important top layers of your skin. This means jojoba oil is able to restore your skin’s waterproofing layers and therefore increase skins hydration levels[6] reversing dry, tight, flakey skin caused by being over enthusiastic with your cleansing routine.

Have you used Jojoba oil to treat your dry, tight, flaky skin? Our Jojoba Restore Face Oil contains only organically pressed jojoba oil, some call it a miracle oil – enjoy it’s benefits today.



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