Summer Detox

herbal and lemon tea for summer detox

Get the most from your week and drink your way to a more productive self. What’s the key to getting the most out of your detox? Cleanse the five major detoxifying organs in the body; the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. For a weekend detox, combine a recipe from each area below and embark on an epic 48-hour health revolution.

Mother and daughter cooking with organic ingredients in gorgeous kitchen

Liver Detox

With so many delicious juice and smoothie options out there, this detox is your go to for a rush of good health. Let natural nutrients rinse out years of toxic build up. Liver detox is known to inspire weight loss, increase energy levels, deliver mental clarity, and reduce food cravings. Grab your blender and get ready to fuse! 

Our favorites:

Packed with probiotics, this gut healer is your perfect digestive reset button: 1 cup of papaya, 1 cup of coconut yogurt, ½ a lime freshly squeezed.

Looking for a vegan option? This bright green elixir will brighten your day: ½ frozen kale, 1 cup frozen pineapple, ½ cup of almond milk, ¼ cup water.

Kidney Detox

It seems like models have the best keep skincare secrets. Miranda Kerr has gone on record with one of her inner beauty tips that create outer beauty, “To keep my skin in check I always eat lots of greens and… drink plenty of water.” Want an added kick? Infuse citrus fruit rich in potassium to maintain a healthy level of electrolytes.

Colon Detox

Wellness obsessed celeb Jennifer Aniston swears by this smoothie mix. At the final stage of digestion, the colon holds the last of your toxins. Get the most from your detox with these super foods: freshly squeezed apple juice, spinach, or celery.

Organic green juice for summer detox with organic, natural ingredients

Jennifer Aniston's morning smoothie mix: bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, dynamic green, and maca powder.

Lungs Detox

Removing air pollutants is a crucial step to help give your lungs a much-needed refresh, but since we can’t all escape to the country for the weekend, we need to resort to other means. Used in ancient Chinese medicine, ginger has been used for over 2500 years for lung purification ‘by eliminating air pollutants, tobacco smoke and perfumes out of the air passages’. This month’s detox drink craze?  The switchel, including: water, freshly squeezed lemons, apple cider vinegar, and fresh ginger.

Skin Detox

How do you know when you need a skin detox? When experiencing uneven skin tone, oily, sagging, dry, or sensitive skin, its time. Sometimes less is more. Skincare is definitely an area of life where that saying holds true. Oftentimes skin’s moisture balance is out-of-whack from over cleansing, congested from using too many occlusive (read: heavy, greasy) products or dry because of insufficient moisturizing.

We’re all for layering on scrubs, masks and toners – don’t get us wrong! However, when detoxing, we like to embrace the less-is-more approach by a gentle cleanse, followed by a generous application of Ogee Jojoba Restore Face Oil, which contains high levels of Vitamin E and more antioxidants than Cranberry Seed Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil – two of the highest antioxidant oils known. Jojoba Oil helps to cocoon because it mimics the building block oils of skin. It helps balance oil production and strengthens the top layer of skin. 

Looking for another staycation solution to removing toxins? Pamper and purify by filling your bath with Epsom Salt. This pre-red-carpet trick is used by J. Lawrence, Cara Delevingne and the Kardashians.